Q & A interview with Sydney Stripper, Natalia Williams

Q: How did you get in stripping and topless waitressing ?
A: I was modeling part time and working in sales. I left my job in sales immediately after my boss came onto at work , so needed an instant source of income to supplement the pay gap. I spoke to one of my model girlfriends about the scenario and to my shock she opened up to me that she was a stripper and bikini waitress on weekends. As it was private agency bookings as apposed to working in a club it gave us the opportunity to protect our profiles. I contacted the agency and did my first job that weekend.

Q: What was your first job like ?
A: Will I drank a bottle or wine in about 20 mins before attending the bucks party.  hehe. Pumped up the party tunes to the max during the drive there…. then arrived any the adrenaline kicked in and I was sober in the space of a few seconds lol. I was bloody nervous, more so of the idea that someone may recognise me or know one of my family relatives.

Once I was undressed, out and mingling… I had an absolute blast! The guys and knew it was my first gig so super supportive and polite. The next day I woke up with a handbag full of cash from the tips I had made the nigh before… one weeks salary in only two hours… needless to say… I was hooked … getting paid to party like a rockstar.. heck yeah! And the rest was history … model gone stripper!

Q: What is the funniest or most awkward experience you have had while at an adult entertainment job?
A: Wow… there are so many ! hehehe. I could literally write a book on the good, bad, and hysterical scenarios I have encountered at bucks parties in Sydney.

Q: Have you ever dated a guy you met while working ?